The GVX Difference

The GVX Difference
Anyone responsible for the interior spaces we live in laments those times when a client, patient or family member has “an accident,” especially when it happens in locations where everyone can see and smell it. Like most of us, you’ve likely tried all the supposed “guaranteed” remedies that rely on enzymes or “engineered bacteria” to remove the odor and stain. Typically, you find those products may help for a while, yet the odor and stain nearly always return. In fact, unless you thoroughly rinse and re-rinse, enzyme cleaners leave a residue that causes your carpet or fabric to resoil even more quickly!

Finally, there is a new and better way to decisively and permanently eliminate odors (and stains!) resulting from urine, feces, vomit or any other organic-based contaminant! GVX Carpet & Upholstery Deodorizer/Stain Remover is a revolutionary, game-changing solution. Originally developed in Australia, GVX has been tested extensively in the US. Expanding on its success removing odors and stains from all surfaces in Australian living environments, rigorous testing in US hospitals and nursing homes against relentless urine odors has placed this tea tree oil cleaner – and thus GVX – at the top of the list.

In the past, eradicating urine or fecal odors would have likely included one or more of the following:

- Clean the contaminated spot with a good quality detergent and disinfectant
- Use a urine deodorizer with enzymes or “engineered bacteria”
- Use disinfectant deodorizer
- Mask the odor with “something that smells nice”

In the late 1990s, consulting firm SCS Associates (of Cochranville, PA) used these techniques as they sought to understand the chemistry and microbiology associated with odor production and sources – particularly with urine (both human and non-human). Despite following all the recommended cleaning processes for industry-standard cleaning and disinfecting protocols, the odor(s) were sometimes eliminated for several days, but always returned. They made some important discoveries:

1.  It’s all about uric acid! Uric acid crystals and other organic salts are the primary sources of urine odor problems, as they attract moisture and support bacterial proliferation.
2.  The actual odors we know and hate are created by the off gassing (metabolic byproducts) of bacteria and enzymes.
3.  Detergents, disinfectants, or enzyme formulas cannot effectively remove these microscopic odor factories.
4.  Routine mopping with disinfectant does not halt bacterial activity since the disinfectants require an impractical 10 minutes’ contact time to be effective.
5.  Enzyme treatments are effective only for a short time. The enzymes feed on the available bacteria, then die off. Since enzymes cannot remove the uric acid crystals, which form the prime environment for bacteria and thus the source of the odors, the bacteria soon return, bringing once again those disruptive, undesirable scents.
6.  Finally, testing revealed the true source of urine contamination (the uric acid crystals!) isn’t always where you think it is; that is, it isn’t just what you can see on the floor. The best way to see the actual source of contamination is to use a long-wave black light (365nM). Under this light (in a darkened room), the uric acid crystals fluoresce brightly.
- The answer: eliminate the uric acid crystals. Eliminate the source of the odor and you’ve permanently eliminated the odor and any chance of recurrence.

Fortunately, now with GVX Carpet & Upholstery Deodorizer/Stain Remover, you can do just that by tapping into Australia’s long history of tea tree oil effectiveness. GVX, a unique blend of natural biocidally active oils is 100% biodegradable and safe for people, pets and the planet. A powerful sanitizer, fungicide and cleaner, GVX dries to a fine powder that can be vacuumed away completely, carrying with it the uric acid crystals, along with any residual soiling. The end result is that the uric acid crystals – or any other smells from biological decay – are gone; stains are gone and odors are gone.
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